Special Prayer Request

This page is for a special prayer request. This page is not for requesting a Mass Intention. The Mass intention request form can  be accessed by clicking on THIS LINK: MASS INTENTIONS THAT IS BELOW.

Esta página es para una petición de oración especial. Esta página no es para solicitar una intención masiva. Se puede acceder al formulario de solicitud de intención masiva haciendo clic en el siguiente enlace:
Ta strona jest przeznaczona na specjalną prośbę o modlitwę. Ta strona nie służy do składania wniosków o Mszę Świętą. Dostęp do formularza wniosku o intencje mszalne można uzyskać, klikając poniższy link:


Let us Pray for....   Oremos por ...   Módlmy się o ...

Let us fray for the following intentions of our Parish Community...

Oremos por las siguientes intenciones de nuestra comunidad parroquial ...

Módlmy się w następujących intencjach naszej wspólnoty parafialnej ...


protection and deliverance from all evils. healing of liver and prostate disease, forgiveness of sins, good health to madrona, financial assistance, conversion of marie orange tojeno, dante tojeno, zoya tojeno, jason vizcara, melogyn nevales,marilyn camiga, dheryle carpinco florence carpinco mila gaviola, joel lumapac, vivian vozcara, for the repose of souls of mario llamas, hilario llamas sr, fernando llamas, alberto llamas, lily porras, juliet ello, roy paduganan, charles almeida, mary ann paduganan, pilar pareja


🙏😭😭😭🏢🔑🤞I'm desperately seeking for God's powerful almighty miracle blessings deliverance hands upon a TWO BEDROOM APARTMENT for my daughter and I to moved into IMMEDIATELY I'm desperately seeking for the realtors agents and landlords to except my cityfheps voucher program I'm desperately seeking for a POWERFUL MIRACLE BREAKTHROUGH for God to place the keys 🙏😭🏢🔑for god to permanently blessed me with the good news I have been patiently waiting for ( MAY GOING INTO JUNE 2024 MOVING DATE for god to permanently APPROVAL MY APPLICATIONS FOR THESE APARTMENT BUILDINGS 🙏😭🏢🔑Father God please me and my daughter to get approved for this apartment i have been appliing for that im really despreatly in need for 🙏😭🏢🔑🤞


🤰🤞🤱🙏😭I'm desperatelyseeking god to heal my ovaries, my womb, and my eggs. for God to blessed me to naturally conceive from my husband's JARRIN sperm a healthy baby🙏😭🤰🤱🤞 Let me carry that baby to term and let them lead a happy and healthy life my husband and I are desperately seeking for his powerful miracle good news for a permanent POSITIVE TEST RESULTS ON MY PREGNANCY TESTS 🙏 😭🤰🤱🤞(HEALTHY SUCCESSFUL PREGNANCY my husband and I are desperately seeking God's powerful miracles for god to place our miracle blessings child in our hands in his holy Image we are both desperately seeking to CONCIVED our first miracle blessings child together 🙏😭🤰🤱🤞


protection and deliverance from all evils, forgiveness of sins, good health to madrona, healing of liver disease, prostatitis, conversion of dante tojeno, marie orange tojeno, zoya tojeno, christopher sasuman, trinidad sasuman, jason vizcaya, melpgyn nevales, cheryle carpinco, florence carpinco, joel lumapac, for the repose of souls of mario llamas, fernando llamas, hilario llamas sr,, alberto llamas, teresita llamas, juliet ello, mary ann paduganan, redempta reyes elmer olmoguez


I have a prayer request Dear Jesus, please pray for Viola Cleo Bradshaw to be set free from Satan. Save me from Hell dark forces and wish for my mind to be healed. Heal my dog Seraphina from the spirit of death. Deliver her mind from death. She can be saved. Shes in a coma. Free my soul from spiritual abduction and soul rape. Deliver me from the enemy of Lisa Quann. I wish to change the past. Pray my past can be changed for Seraphina to live Can I have deep sleep and deep peace? I need more deep sleep. Deliver me from the spirit of death. Deliver Seraphina my dog from the spirit of death and New York City. It is a city spirit that hurts her. She's in crap. Remove the crap from her Heal me from racism. Stop human trafficking of my self. amen .Jesus is a great teacher.