Special Prayer Request

This page is for a special prayer request. This page is not for requesting a Mass Intention. The Mass intention request form can  be accessed by clicking on THIS LINK: MASS INTENTIONS THAT IS BELOW.

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Let us Pray for....   Oremos por ...   Módlmy się o ...

Let us fray for the following intentions of our Parish Community...

Oremos por las siguientes intenciones de nuestra comunidad parroquial ...

Módlmy się w następujących intencjach naszej wspólnoty parafialnej ...


Please, pray for Jason, Cale, Michele, Jacque’s salvation/rededication and for Stacey, Tecla, Marlize, and my relationships with them to grow. Jason and Jacque don't believe God exists. Michele and Cale have wandered from a personal relationship with Jesus. Stacey, Tecla, Marlize, and I want them to come back and to love Jesus with us. Thank you!


I sincerely thank you for your help of Prayer during and through the still ongoing Radioactive Therapy for Breast Cancer and the spread to other bodily parts, organs, and bones. i will be very grateful and thankful for further prayer help for my full recovery through complete and permanent Godly healing. Amen!


I ask for prayers for my marriage and for my inner healing. For the pains of my heart. May God give me the grace of forgiveness and free me from grudges and resentments. Thank you very much for your prayers. By my eyes and sight. May God bless you abundantly.


I would like to request a prayer for the 6th year anniversary of passing for Adan Beltran, if it could be announced at the 8:00am mass and 11am mass on February 19, 2023.


Hail Mary, please pray for my elder sister Neelima who is in ventilator and in very critical condition, may Lord Jesus Christ through your intercession give her strength and heal her so that she can return to her family. Amen