Special Prayer Request

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Let us Pray for....   Oremos por ...   Módlmy się o ...

Let us fray for the following intentions of our Parish Community...

Oremos por las siguientes intenciones de nuestra comunidad parroquial ...

Módlmy się w następujących intencjach naszej wspólnoty parafialnej ...


please pray that my family and i can spend eternity in heaven with Jesus.


Kindly pray for my daughters. Need healing. Medicine stop. Evil spirits bind and throw them away in GOD Almighty name. Board exams APRIL 27 TO JUNE 13. Urgently prayers to God Almighty. Mobile stop. Social media stop. I am scared, worried, Exam in few days. Sickness healing needed.


Please pray for my son Noel Ljubičić 3.5 year old boy and for his happiness, health, blessed childhood and for all that he needs. Also pray for his mum Snježana and me . For our love and relationship that God bless us protect us and provide for us . That He bless our jobs finance. And especially our fidelity that He bless. And He protect us from other people ,from evil and ourselves. Also please pray for my parents Vesna and Stipan, my brother Goran, my nephew Dominik. And also please pray for Lucija, Nino Brakus and Mićo Mardešić. That God gives us all His Righteousness and Kingdom and that He bless us protect us and provide for us.And that He forgive us our sins ,destroy negative consequences of our sins and He brings to Heaven. Thank you all and God bless you all abundantlly. Thank You my Jesus! We love You!




Please my dearest Sacred Heart of JESUS, please bless Lauren and Josh with Holy, blessed, healthy, happy, safe, protected children.  Please dearest Sacred Heart of JESUS please heal, bless, protect, save, cure, heal, rescue, have mercy on, forgive, love, enfold and entrust in the abode of your most Sacred Heart Lauren’s conceptions, Lauren’s pregnancies, Lauren’s deliveries, Josh and Lauren’s children with Holy Miraculous, Heavenly, Healing, Divine blessings.  Please dearest Sacred Heart of JESUS please heal, bless and protect Josh, Lauren, and Josh and Lauren’s children with Holy, long, healthy, peaceful, joyful lives.  Holy Mary Mother of GOD please pray for us always. Thank you dearest JESUS. Thank you everyone for your prayers. Please my dearest Sacred Heart of JESUS please heal Lauren’s mental health and physical health. In the Holy Name of JESUS we pray.